Messi's career in numbers

Messi's career in numbers, up to his 30th birthday.

Lionel Messi is 29-year-old Argentine soccer player. He is forward for Spanish club FC Barcelona, and is captain and top scorer for Argentina National Soccer Team!

He has become one of the most paid and best athletes in the world with his style and finesse in the game.

Messi is also very kind and humble, as he represents Leo Messi Foundation for helping children in need.

Lionel Messi is often compared with his childhood idol Diego Maradonna, and his style of play is compared to Maradonna's.

He was one of the kids in Barcelona's Youth Academy. He made his debut in 2004, and by 2007 he was named FIFA World Player of the Year.

Messi always played for FC Barcelona and says that he would not change his favorite team.

Find out some of his statistics in this video!

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Libra 9 months ago


crow 9 months ago

well... lionel DOES mean lion... soooooooo... YES HE'S THE F*** LION!

Jessie 9 months ago

i love when the player is satisfied with playing in one team all his life. that is dedication.

Orwel 9 months ago

when you are playing for barcelona you dont want to change teams:)

mr dong 9 months ago

hes te best player of all time. you can argue or say this or that name, but for me messi is the greatest!

Duwall 9 months ago

hes 30 years old and still plays like he is 20!

Norman 9 months ago

He wanted to leave last year, but the fans didn't let him, so I think that he is a bit older than he would like to be:)

Dwayne 9 months ago


Poser 9 months ago

I still love ronaldo best. Messi is great, dont get me wrong, but for me theres only one great player and that is ronaldo!

Sabara 9 months ago

man i will be so sad when messi decide that it is all over.... he is an artist with a ball.... the best....