Kirsty Gallacher on England Women's Euro 2017 chances

Broadcaster Kirsty Gallacher looks ahead to this summer's Euro 2017 tournament and assesses England Women's chances.

Kirsty Gallacher is 41-year-old Scottish TV presenter who will be the main presenter in this year's England Women's Euro 2017.

Gallacher wanted to be a fashion journalist, but ended up in the sports section of Sky Sports, back in 1996.

Now, she is well known face to every sports fan in the UK.

UEFA Women's Euro 2017 will begin on 16th of July, and it will last until 6th of August, this year.

There are 16 teams competing, and the tournament will be organized in Netherlands, across 7 different cities: Rotterdam, Breda, Tilburg, Utrecht, Deventer, Enschede and Doetinchem.

Qualified teams are: Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, England, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Iceland, Scotland, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Italy, Russia and Portugal
Click on this video and find out what does Kirsty Gallacher think about the upcoming matches in the UEFA Women's Euro 2017!

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tim 9 months ago


gerry 9 months ago

kirsty is my favorite tv presenter! just beautiful!

caleb 9 months ago

yes, shes amazing looking, but some of her conclusions are just confusing

gabriel 9 months ago

gallacher is so sweeeettttt... oh and england women's team is good too:)

Quill Norbert 9 months ago

what conclusions exactly are confusing to you?