Mayweather vs McGregor final press conference in 60 seconds

Conor McGregor accused Floyd Mayweather of having a "big-time gambling problem" as the two faced-off ahead of Saturday's fight in Las Vegas.

The boxing match between UFC champion Conor McGregor and boxing superstar Floyd Mayweather was all over on August 26th, when the long-announced fight was finally held at the Las Vegas T-Mobile Arena, last Sunday.

Both fighters gave their best, but there can be only one, as they say, and experienced boxer like Mayweather had no problems defeating McGregor, who is used of fighting with his legs, as well as his arms.

The match lasted for 10 rounds. In the middle of the 10th round, the judge ended the fight, because Conor was barely standing on his feet, and Mayweather didn't seem to know how to stop dealing his heavy blows.

The whole shebang was estimated for 400 million dollars! Conor was good with 30 million, and the victor of the match Mayweather managed to go home with 100 million dollars in his pocket!

Many of the fans are complaining that the fight was not that good, especially after such a big and pompous campaign that was over 4 months long.

Mayweather and McGregor left the ring with smile on their faces, as they both were satisfied with the opportunity to fight against each other.

Mayweather is now at 50 wins and 0 loses! And he is definitely retiring from the world of boxing. We will miss him!

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milo 11 months ago

the fight was boring as hell...

maymaysaysay 11 months ago

the match was longer than 60 seconds... unfortunately

ufcfan 11 months ago

mcgregor wouldve killed him in the octagon!

ian 11 months ago

c'mon people lets get over this circus and focus on more serious fights!

kron 11 months ago

mayweather f*** him up!

oliga55 11 months ago

conor was brave to stay in the ring for so long, taking such a beating...

Noter Johnson 11 months ago

he was not brave. he was under the contract:)

Lama 11 months ago

the whole show before the fight was better than the fight... lame.

Ashtyn 11 months ago

conor is such a sweet heart... even when hes being all tough you can see that he is a nice man

alishasshh 11 months ago

nothing spectacular ... as expected... they made good money though...